The New 5 Week Optimisation Course

Why did I create this course?
It’s quite simple…

Your Health Is Your Wealth!

My name is Mike Wood. I am the founder of Ultimate Fitness Cheshire.
The largest independent Group and Personal Training facility in Cheshire,
situated in Appleton Thorn in Warrington.

Being in good health MENTALLY and PHYSICALLY and working with people who want the same is my passion and what established my career as a PT.

I work, advise and train alongside our incredible members who each have their own goals, challenges, stories, and successes. They motivate me every day just by being them. The members are my reason why!

At Ultimate Fitness Cheshire we offer a variety of ways to train, learn, and optimise your health to suit all levels and budgets.

Here’s What To Expect On The 5 Week Optimisation Course

It’s a manageable 5 session course uniquely tailored TO YOU with 1-2-1 support throughout and a WhatsApp Group to share meals, stories and encouragement.

Each week we spend 1 focused hour on you. I will give you advice, insight, support, information and the tools to help you start living your best life.

Week 1: Nutrition

Week 2: Mindset

Week 3: Training Intensity

Week 4: Longevity

Week 5: Implementation & Adherence

It’s 5 Weeks To Feeling Fantastic And Then KNOWING How To Maintain What You Have Learned

If you trust the process The 5 Week Optimisation Course will completely change the way you feel. Your energy levels will improve and you will feel more positive. You will sleep well, think clearer, work smarter, and learn things about food I guarantee you never knew! Which in turn, will help you to manage your body fat and your weight for the long term!  

This is a results driven, accountable kick up the backside! I will personally be there spurring you on!

Your health is the best investment you can make. The best version of you tomorrow, starts today. Book your place for early 2024. 

Mike Wood – Founder of
Ultimate Fitness Cheshire.
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Your Health is Your Wealth
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