Laura Spooner


Having been a Yo-Yo dieter for many years and quitting smoking I had become increasingly unhappy with my size and lack of fitness. I decided to get back to the gym and attempt to do something about it. It was there that I noticed Mike training others and I thought I would give it a try.

I spoke to Mike in the gym who advised I book a session with him. I felt a little anxious about this as I knew I was out of shape and to be honest was quite embarrassed. I had an initial assessment which immediately put me at ease. After the assessment I was good to go.

I have never looked back since. I now see Mike once a week, mainly because I enjoy the sessions so much but he also gives me new ideas for my workouts. Mike is always at hand for advice if I need it. Not only have I lost all the weight I wanted to I am managing to keep it off. I have found a new love of exercise and have even entered a few competitions. My life has completely changed for the better.