Finding a gym in Warrington that’s right for you

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With gyms now reopening, it’s the perfect time to set new fitness goals and get active again. Whilst our daily walks, runs or bike rides have kept many of us going during lockdown, the benefits of training in a fully-equipped gym alongside a personal trainer has meant that many people are looking to join a local gym to bolster their fitness levels, tone up or build muscle.

If you live in Warrington, there are a wide range of gyms to choose from and it can be confusing to know where to start. Here are four ways to help you find a gym in Warrington that suits your needs. 

Location, location, location

When it comes to choosing a gym, location matters.  Driving miles and miles just to do a workout is simply not motivating so you want to think about choosing a gym that is easy to get to from your work or home.  Most people train first thing in the morning on their way into work, or on their way home, so you’ll want to choose a gym that’s on route and not too out of your way.

Types of membership

Some people prefer a gym membership where they can turn up and do their own workout.  These people tend to be more familiar with using equipment and are more motivated to stick to their plan.  For others, classes or group personal training work better where there is more structure and a personal trainer to help guide them.  Find out what type of gym membership they are offering and whether it suits your workout style and level of motivation.


When you are looking round gyms or doing a free trial, pay close attention to the equipment available and whether it suits your needs.  If you’re heavily into strength training, you’ll want to see a well-maintained free weight area with a wide range of weights to lift.  If you really want to improve your cardio, you’ll want to see a good selection of rowers, treadmills and exercise bikes available. 

A well-equipped gym will have a good selection of both strength and cardio equipment to help you achieve optimum fitness goals. 

The people

Gyms are as much about socialising as they are about getting fit.  You want to be training with like-minded individuals who want to achieve the same fitness objectives as you and who you enjoy training with. 

Having a free trial will give you a good idea of the type of people the gym attracts.  Find out if there are any social or charity events that they get involved with to see how actively sociable they are. 

Even if you don’t want to be socially involved, it’s important see a friendly Personal Trainer who understands your fitness goals and help tailor the right program to suit your needs. 

Ultimate Fitness Cheshire is a private gym facility in Warrington.  We hold group personal training classes as well as 1-to-1 personal training from our fully equipped facility in Appleton Thorn. If you would like to have a free trial, call Mike on 07540 779939 or email


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