Personalised Nutrition Plans

A sustainable nutritional programme designed to work for YOU

  • Save time and energy with delicious, calorie controlled, nutritionally balanced meal plans
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Improve your gut health and immune system
  • Hit your weight target
  • Nutrition Coach motivation and practical support

Increase your energy levels, improve your mood and hit your weight target with our personalised diet plans. We’ll work with you to understand your goals and create a diet plan based around your nutritional needs, lifestyle and body goals.  

Our nutrition plans are completely tailored for you, designed to fit into your lifestyle, and include all the foods you like to eat. Whether your goal is weight loss, building more lean muscle, or simply to be more focused on nutrition, we’ll give you the right plan and the knowledge to enable you to change your eating habits for good, in a clear, concise, no nonsense way.

It’s tastier and easier than you think!

Lois Blower – Nutrition Consultant

Lois has always had a keen interest in health and food, which led her to complete a Masters (MSc) at Chester University in Public Health Nutrition in 2007. She has since worked for the Public Health Sector in weight management for nearly 13 years, helping people to manage their medical conditions through maintainable lifestyle changes.
Food is not only fuel for living, but also used for pleasure, comfort, socialising, as a reward, and when we’re bored. Striking a balance between both pleasure and health can be difficult, filled with complications and confused by marketing messages and years of dieting.
Lois can help provide the tools, accountability and motivation to embrace a healthy way of living through the foods that you enjoy and the lifestyle that you lead.

Being an avid foodie, she always make time for cooking.  She is a firm believer that our meals should not only be nutritious but also delicious!

Personalised Diet Plan
£150/one-off fee
1 Hour Consultancy Session, plus Tailored Plan

“I joined Ultimate Fitness back in June, going to 5 sessions per week and changed my diet to what I thought would work but I continued to struggle with my weight and could not shift the pounds. 

Mike approached me about the Diet Plan and promised me I would lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.  I told him it would never work!

After 2 weeks I lost 11 pounds and couldn’t believe it. I’m now 10 weeks in and lost 2 stone in total. 

I’ve really enjoyed what I’m eating and it helped reset my mindset on what to eat.  I feel ten times better about myself and fitting back in clothes I never thought I would!”