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Heather Crowther

“My body shape has changed significantly; I’ve lost weight and I can wear clothes that I’ve not worn for years and feel good in them!  So many people have noticed the difference in me, which is great for my confidence.  I feel so much fitter and healthier, and I’ve definitely got more energy.”

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Laura Spooner

Having been a Yo-Yo dieter for many years and quitting smoking I had become increasingly unhappy with my size and lack of fitness. I decided to get back to the gym and attempt to do something about it. It was there that I noticed Mike training others and I thought I would give it a […]

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Mark Thomas

I have now completed my Total Transformation Plan with Mike. I have been in training many times in the past but have never had the results I have had with Mike in such a short period. Mike has been an absolute rock for me, not only training me but helping me with the correct diet. […]

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Mark Culley

Having been reluctant in the past to join a gym, I decided just over year ago to act on my fitness. My key reason for joining the gym was so that I could wear a slim fit shirt, a pair of 32 inch jeans and feel better about myself! With Mike’s knowledge and his abundance […]

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Kathy Smith

Having never really been into the gym I decided to join up just over 6 months ago, with the aim of getting into shape for a big holiday. The reason for joining was over a couple of years I’d put on around 18lbs in weight and I wanted rid. With the help of Mike I […]

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