Mark Thomas


I have now completed my Total Transformation Plan with Mike. I have been in training many times in the past but have never had the results I have had with Mike in such a short period. Mike has been an absolute rock for me, not only training me but helping me with the correct diet. The guy has an abundance of energy and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training and Nutrition. The training sessions have been fun, enjoyable and different with each and every session, complete with a lot of hard work. Over the 5 weeks training with Mike I have lost over half a stone and am very pleased with the results. When not training, Mike has always been available for advice and is extremely helpful. Embarking on the Total Transformation Plan is by far the greatest journey I have been on, it has completely changed my life for the better; I have every intention of becoming a long term client. If you want to achieve great results and have a marked improvement in lifestyle, I would strongly recommend joining a program with them.