5 benefits of Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training is ideal for those who want all the benefits of having a Personal Trainer, but can’t necessarily afford the cost of 1-2-1 personal training.  This article outlines five benefits of group personal training and why it’s a great solution for weight loss, getting fit, toning up and having fun.

  1. Affordable 

Group Personal Training is more affordable than 1-2-1 sessions, yet you are still being guided by a qualified Personal Trainer in every session.  You pay £100 per month and this allows you to train 3 times per week, which works out at just £7.75 per session

2. Planning and Guidance

How often have you gone to the gym and just found yourself going through the motion with no real clear direction? Our Group Personal Training sessions are planned in advance each week and focus on different core muscle groups so you get a good variety of training and a complete body workout by the end of each session.

3. Motivation and Support

Having the support of other like-minded people in your group will help motivate you, and also give you support from a Personal Trainer.  Sessions are limited to 8 people which means that you will still get individual attention to ensure you are getting maximum benefit from the training.  If you’re competitive, having others to measure yourself against might inspire you to try to beat their time or their weight. And if you’re not very competitive, but still appreciate support, there will be friendly people encouraging you to try your best.

4. Challenging 

You will be set personal and group challenges during each session to ensure that you are always progressing and reaching new milestones in your fitness. Your Group Personal Trainer will always be monitoring you to ensure you are continually challenged and set new goals.

5. Camaraderie

Group Personal Training is a great way to meet new, like-minded people and have fun at the same time. You won’t always be training with the same people every time, but we always have lots of fun – and we even do social events too.

If you live near Northwich or Warrington and are looking to start a new fitness regime, our Group Personal Training sessions could be the perfect solution. We are based in a private gym in Higher Whitley and sessions are held at regular intervals throughout the day which you can book on in advance.

Find out more about our Group Personal Training in Northwich.

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