Five benefits of outdoor bootcamp

After ten weeks of lockdown, I’m sure you’re raring to push yourself with intense physical training that you may not have been able to do from home. Bootcamp training is a brilliant way to burn off energy, work towards your fitness goals, and feel great doing it!

In line with all the latest guidelines, we’ve developed a safe, socially-distanced outdoor bootcamp programme that we’re running in the grounds of our new premises near Warrington. Here are five benefits of outdoor bootcamp training.

A powerful mix of cardio and muscle work

Bootcamp training was originally inspired by military fitness, as you might imagine. We’ve taken the principles of bootcamp and created tailored sessions which use a powerful combo of cardio fitness and muscle training.

Expect bodyweight exercises to strengthen your core, back, legs and arms, mixed with bursts of cardio. All wrapped up in a (mostly) enjoyable yet challenging session.

Effective interval training

Interval training is a proven way to improve your fitness. It combines short, high-intensity bursts of speed, with slow, recovery phases to increase cardiovascular efficiency and build endurance. 

Team spirit and motivation

We’re adhering to social distancing guidelines, but there’s still plenty of team spirit at our outdoor bootcamps. The encouragement and camaraderie of team workout have been shown to boost motivation and help you squeeze out those last few press-ups.

Conquering strength challenges

The rest of your day seems so much more achievable once you’ve flipped over a massive tractor tyre! At outdoor bootcamp you’ll conquer strength challenges and do things you didn’t know you could do.

It’s a massive win for your overall body strength, and also for your confidence and motivation.

All the joys of the great outdoors

We all know that time outdoors is one of nature’s greatest mood-boosters. Sun or rain, your body and mind will thank you for the fresh air, scenery and connection with nature.

Ready to give it a go? Get in touch with Mike on 07540 779939 to book your FREE outdoor bootcamp session. We welcome new members of all abilities and we promise you’ll enjoy it as well as feel the challenge!

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