Lockdown Diet Plans – why they are so important

It’s difficult to find the silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic and the events of 2020, but one thing it has taught us is the need to look after our health.

New routines of working from home, extra pressures of having to look after family members and living a more sedentary lifestyle can lead to a poor diet, a weaker immune system and excess weight. 

Here’s why our Lockdown Diet Plans are so important to help get us through this pandemic and allow us to rethink our eating habits for good:

More time indoors

The pandemic has caused most of us to spend more time indoors, with the fridge and chocolate biscuit cupboard within easy reach.

A diet plan will ensure you eat nutritious foods which are high in protein and will fill you up more during the day so that you don’t feel hungry between meals. 

If you are spending less time outdoors and not getting in as many steps as you used to, a diet plan will ensure you eat less carbohydrates that are harder to burn off with a more inactive lifestyle. 

Supports our mental health

Regular exercise and eating the right foods can help bolster our mental health too. This is an especially worrying time and not being able to socialise with our friends and family the way we used to can have a negative impact on our emotional and mental health.

Eating healthy, well-balanced meals, combined with enough exercise can help reduce anxiety and improve our mood.  A diet plan will recommend foods which help feed a healthy gut and since up to 90% of your body’s serotonin is produced in your gut, this in turn will correspond to a good mood.

Boost immunity

Now, more than ever, the need to protect our immune system has never been more important.  The majority of our immune system is found in the lining of the intestine, so a diet plan will support your gut and microbiome with lots of good bacteria.  Adding foods that are rich in probiotics to your diet will help boost your immune system throughout the pandemic – and beyond.

Tailormade for you

We understand that everyone is different, with unique goals, body type and food preferences.  Our diet plans are specifically tailored for you and your lifestyle.  Any preferences can be catered for, with easy food preparation that can easily fit into your schedule. 


If you would like a custom diet plan to see you through lockdown – and beyond, contact Mike on 07540 779939 or email mike@ultimatefitnesscheshire.co.uk


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