Online Personal Training FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Whether you’re new to online personal training, or just curious to see how truly effective it can be. We’ve put together some answers to the frequent questions we get asked. 

What is online personal training?

Online personal training is exactly the same level of training you would expect from having a personal trainer with you at the gym, except it’s delivered online from the comfort of your own home.

Do I have to be fit to keep up with your sessions?

No, not at all! Our members are all at different stages, shapes and sizes and are all looking to achieve personal goals.

Are sessions live or pre-recorded?

They are definitely LIVE! This allows the personal trainer to coach AND watch you do the exercises correctly and efficiently. 

What technology/software do I need?

Sessions are delivered via Zoom so you just need internet access. We will send you a link 2 hours prior to the session starting.

How often are online training sessions?

We have 4 group sessions each day Monday-Friday and two on a Saturday. Sessions are held at different times throughout the morning, daytime and evening to give you flexibility. 

How do I book a session?

Our sessions are booked via our App which makes it super easy for you to book which session you want in advance. We’ll give you access as soon as you join as a Member.

How many sessions can I attend per week?

You can book up to 5 sessions per week.

How big are the class sizes?

We limit group personal training sessions to 10 people. This ensures we give everyone individual attention and can view the whole class from our computer screen.

Do I need any equipment?

We recommend using dumb bells, or a kettle bell and some resistance bands, all of which can be purchased online. You can still get started without these, but they just make the workouts more challenging. We can talk you through what equipment to buy on your first trial session.

Are sessions varied?

Absolutely! In fact, no two sessions are ever the same.  We focus on different muscle groups so you really get to work one particular area at each session and get better results.

What if I have an injury?

Your free session is about us getting to know you, so please tell us any injuries you have and we can make sure we take these into account.  We’ll also be watching you closely to ensure you are doing exercises correctly.

What should I wear?

Anything that’s comfortable.  If you’re training inside your house (rather than on the garden), you won’t need to wear trainers.

How do I get started?

Book a FREE 30-minute 1-to-1 session with Mike by sending him a WhatsApp on 07540 79939

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